Meeting Shasta

I got to meet Shasta a couple of months ago when a family friend asked if I could house sit for them. They own Shasta and weren't able to take him with them on their trip. He was a bit shy at first but warmed up about 10 minutes after I showed up. Next thing I knew a photoshoot was booked!

He is a Beagle/German Shepherd/ Lab mix and is such a happy, goofy boy. It took him awhile to be comfortable in front of the camera but once he saw the treats he was all ears!

Because Shasta is so shy and doesn't get exposed to a lot we opted for a photoshoot at his home and neighborhood. He still had a blast and loved getting to play in the pool!

Something I like to add is the GoPro on photo sessions. Its a fun and unique view that I am able to capture of the pups that my camera might not get, and its smaller so makes the dogs more comfortable. Shasta loved the GoPro!