Surfs Up!

Today I had my first surfing photo shoot with dogs at Del Mar Dog Beach! I got to photography Jak (Belgian Malinois Mix), Ole (Lab/Rhodesian Ridge Back Mix), and Tucker the Black Lab. It was a blast to watch and very impressive!! 

Ole was able to catch one wave towards the end of the lesson, he just was having fun tying to bite the board! 

Tucker was also able to catch a few wave but with his human Katrina. He was having a blast and just wanted to swim the entire lesson. 

Jak was the MVP of the day!! He was having a blast and catching every wave that came is way! The instructors were very impressed and even said that he can possible compete because of how good he was doing! Jak definitely was great at hanging 10 or in his case 20!

It was definitely a day full of fun and happy dogs!