Watching Nelson & Wallace

Over the past several days I have had the pleasure of watching Nelson & Wallace. These boys are 2 brothers that I met via Instagram along with their owner Frances. My dog Rylee and her boys had a playdate at the beach and the rest is history. We have now known them for almost a full year. Her boys are incredibly well behaved and I was ecstatic when she asked if I could dog sit them. Our first day together we played on and off fetch and with the water hose in the backyard. 

For my second day with the boys I wanted to take them to one of my favorite hiking spots. It was their first time on this trail and they had a blast! After 7 miles of hiking, taking in some great views, meeting new people and dogs, and swimming in the creek at the end of the hike, the dogs enjoyed the rest of the day napping. 

For my last day with Nelson and Wallace I decided to finish my time with them by taking them to one of their favorite places and doing their all time favorite thing, the beach and playing fetch. These boys are fetching machines and all they need is a ball and they are happy. Nothing more, nothing less, just the ball. They had a great time swimming, fetching, and saying hi occasionally to other dogs in between fetching. But in the end it was all about the ball. 

Nelson and Wallace have a special place in my heart and i'm always overjoyed to see them. I look forward to our next play date and dog sitting boys! You can follow the life of Nelson and Wallace on Instagram at  (@nelson_wallace).