A Day in Big Bear

Yesterday I took my pups up to Big Bear to have some fun hiking followed by some playtime in Big Bear Lake! The dogs had so much fun on our 9 mile hike, and loved saying hi to all the fellow hikers and bikers on the trail. They also enjoyed the views just as much as I did!

Next stop was Big Bear Lake where they enjoyed playing tug and fetch. Although Lenox did more of the fetching while Rylee waited for him to bring it back in the shallow water. Lenox also enjoyed swimming with a duck too! 

Being able to explore with the pups is amazing and I am thankful that I am able to have these opportunities to do so! It also allows me to scope out potential new photo locations for clients when they aren't sure where they want the session! Big Bear is on the list of highly recommended if you are ever wondering where a good location would be!