Getting the perfect action shot! Some of my favorite photos to shoot are action shots of peoples pets whether they come out silly and goofy or wickedly cool! I get asked every so often what the secret is to getting the perfect action shot and my answer is just be ready!! Make sure you have all your camera settings correct for what your shooting. From there you need to set yourself up in a good spot where you know you can get the shot. This is why scouting out your photo location is important so you have an idea of what to expect before you begin. 

Something else that I did to help get my timing down on getting the "perfect" shot was tossing treats to dogs and trying to capture them just before the caught it! Not only will this help you get your timing down but the results can be hilarious! 

Getting creative is also fun with action shots. There are no rules to how the shots have to be as long as there is some action going on! Use up space, create negative space. Get creative beyond the simple running shots. Get some silly shots, try new angles. I find that people are more intrigued with the photos that are out of the box and unconventional compared to those that they have seen over and over with a traditional action shot. Always trying to find a new and refreshing angle can really make a difference.