Why I Bring My Dogs

Why do you bring your dogs with you whenever you travel? Why do you hike with your dogs, why not without them? These are just some of the questions I come across regularly. I own 2 dogs, Rylee & Lenox. Rylee is my 4 year old Pit Bull mix that I have had since she was 2 months old, and Lenox is my 8 year old Rottweiler Lab Mix that I have had since he was a few weeks old. Both my dogs are a huge part of my life and give me so much inspiration and joy each day! Part of the reason I bring them is because they are family to me and I enjoy exploring the world with them. I am also an introvert and they help me be more out going and comfortable in a crowded environment. 

Bringing my dogs also helps me see the world with a different perspective. Dogs are very curious and they look at the world with excitement and wonder. Everything is amazing or interesting to them. When we go to these stunning destinations, while the landscape is beautiful on it's own I feel like adding a dog elevates it to another level. 

Not only do my dogs inspire me and challenge me to see things differently but also they are great company! I'm not always able to have someone join me on my travels so it is nice to have the dogs there to keep me company, and keep me safe. Both my dogs have very distinct personalities. Rylee is more outgoing and silly, where as Lenox is more reserved and prefers to stay by my side. This balance is also fun to watch while out and about and we all compliment each other. My dogs are very active and love to explore. Rather than taking them on daily walks, if I can I take them on whatever hike or trip possible. This feeds their curiosity and is great bonding time for us. My dogs are more than pets, they are family.