Dock Diving Athletes

In a few days I will be attending a Splash Dogs event in Lake Arrowhead to photograph the competition! I love dock diving and have started getting involved in the sport a little over a year ago. I heard about the sport from a friend who attended a practice and from then I was hooked! While I would love to compete with my dogs, one isn't a fan of swimming and my other just wants to swim, so I'm happy to stand on the side lines and capture  other athletes enjoying the sport!

I love seeing the diversity of breeds that compete in dock diving with both big and small breeds! Some of the dogs you see more often are Labradors and Belgian Malinois, but also Dobermans, Pit Bulls, German Shepherd and Australian Shepherds are also common too along with many others! The sport is such a blast to watch and there is always something new and different. It is neat to see the relationship between dogs and their handlers and the routines they have when they are getting ready to jump. 

The sport can be very addicting and the atmosphere is fast pace and electric! You can tell that these dogs absolutely love the sport and it is such a cool experience. There are several event that go on in dock diving competitions. Big Air event is where the dogs are placed at the end of a 40 foot dock and run and jump to retrieve a toy and are judged on the distance they jump. Then you have Speed Retrieve event where the dogs are timed to retrieve a toy dangling 2 feet above the end of the pool. The other event is the Extreme Vertical. This is where the dogs are placed at the 20 foot mark on the dock and must retrieve a bumper suspended 8 feet out above the pool at 4 feet 6 inches and it goes up 2 inches as the competition moves along!

There are a lot of dock diving organizations all over the U.S. and in other countries! You can find them by searching dock diving on google in your state along with the schedule of events they have going on.