2016 Favorites

2016 has been an incredible year full of adventures! So many incredible things have happened along with some challenges. From recieving a GoPro award to being published in National Geographic here are my favorite moments over this past year!

One of my favorite 2016 moments of 2016 was a road trip I had taken exploring Arizona. We visited Williams, Sedona, the Grand Canyon and several other places. The hikes were incredible and the scenery was breath taking!

Over the past year I have also had some amazing adventures with my dogs and our friends. We love meeting new people and their pups and hike all over Southern California. 

Over this past year I have travel to a bunch of different places and have encountered some pretty amazing places along the way!

I have had an amazing year full of fun photo shoots! These are just some (There quite a bit more!) of my favorite images from some of the sessions I had this past year!