Shaka's Adventures

Aside from being a photographer it is no secret that I love dogs and working with them. I am also a dog walker/sitter and ironically end up house sitting my photo clients pups quite often. Shaka is one of them! I met this guy at the end of last year on a photoshoot of him and his human. Since then I have dog sat him a few times while his mom was away at work. One of my favorite things about watching people's dog is taking them on epic adventures. I loving taking them hiking, to the beach, or even to the park for some fetch. I like to say they are my dog(s) away from my own dogs. Shaka is always down for any adventure I present to him and here are some of my favorites that we have been on! 

Some of the places we have hiked and explored are, Lake Hodges, which is a beautiful trail full of great views that wraps around the lake, Lake Miramar Trail, which is another fun and simple trail that goes around the lake.