Mount Rubidoux Pack Hikes

Mount Rubidoux is a hiking trail located in Riverside, CA. It has a beautiful 360 degree view of the city below and is a great place for hiking with dogs and kids. It is one of my favorite spots to do pack hikes because of the wide trail which is paved around the entire mountain. It is only about 3 miles long round trip but you are at a steady incline the entire way up so you still get a good workout in the process. Once you summit the mountain you can visit 2 spots. One side features a large white cross (can get very crowded and more popular) and the other features a castle tower and an American Flag. Parking is also easy as you can park on the streets down the road from the base of the mountain or at the local park also down the street (This is where most people park). This hike has incredible photo ops and makes for a fun trip. On this trip we met up with some buddies from Instagram. In the photos you will see our buddies Fancy, Hercules, Trooper, Drogon, Hudson, Gunther, Cosmo, Carly, and a few others! To see more of my pups adventures visit our Instagram (