River Boys

Yesterday was a nice warm day in Southern California so I decided to take my dog Lenox on a hike with our friend and his dog, Watson. We were in search of a waterfall on our hike. We didn't quite make it to the waterfall due to the trail condition and that it was just to rough for my 9 year old pup to hike. The trail was covered in boulders and hadn't been maintained for some time, but it made for quite an adventure! So we decided to just hang out at a water hole we found along the river that was big and deep enough for the dogs to play and swim in. Lenox and Watson have known each other for about a year now and are such a great pair. They had a blast hiking and were champs at handling anything that came their way. We still want to try and find this elusive waterfall but might have to come back with my younger dog and when the trail is maintained a little better. To see more of my adventures click on the social media links!

Gear: Keen Hiking Boots, Good Wolf Design Water & Stain Proof Collar, Thule Hiking Pack, Kong Tennis Ball