Exploring Big Bear

Big Bear is one of my favorite local cities to explore. It is full of fun hiking trails and is such a beautiful city surrounded by nature. My good friend's dogs turned 5 years old a few day ago so to celebrate we drove up to Big Bear with all the pups so her dogs could experience snow for the first time as well as have their first encounter with a lake! We attempted to hike Pine Knot Trail and I say attempted because we didn't quite hike the entire thing. Unfortunately there was so much snow that you were not able to find a large portion of the trail, so rather than getting lost we decided to stop at an open area and let the dogs run around and play some snow fetch! After spending about 30 minutes of play we hiked back down to the car, doing our best not to fall on ice or get plowed into by sledders. We drove into the heart of Big Bear for some lunch and then moved on to our next spot, the lake. My dog Rylee has been to several lakes in her life so she wasn't really phased by it, but Nelson and Wallace had never seen or been in a lake before. The boys loved it! They had a blast splashing around chasing one another. After some time spent there we packed up the gang and headed back down the mountain. It was a great day with lovely weather. The dogs got to play in the snow and lake all in one day, which counts as lots of fun and success in my book even if we weren't able to hike the full trail! To see more of my adventure click on the social media links!