Hiking In The Riverbed

Yesterday we had more beautiful weather so we decided to hike down in the riverbed by where we live. This is one of my favorite places to take the dogs especially during the summer because it is a hidden gem we have all to ourselves. Not to many people know about it so the dogs enjoying romping around in the river while I sit back with my camera and capture all the action. Usually when I take them down we just go straight to our usually spot and spend a few hours playing fetch in the water and walking around on the small beaches in the area. Well thanks to the massive rain surge we have had it created some new trails along the river that were perfect for hiking! I decide to switch it up and hike more instead of playing in the water, and it was amazing! The views were stunning and it was nice to hike and be at the beach at the same time! The dogs loved exploring and investigating the new smells. Until next time... to see more of our adventures check out our Instagram and Facebook!

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