Road Trip Favorites: Pfeiffer Beach

In all my travels and the various beaches I have had the opportunity to visit this beach is by far one of the best ones that not only is a nice open beach that is dog friendly, but also has 360 degree breath taking views. It is a great beach that is quite large and is decorated with stunning rock formations on and along the beach. While there we saw seals and had the beach all to ourselves so we let the pups off leash to stretch their legs in the sand while we sat back and watched. Pfeiffer Beach, which is located in Big Sur, CA, is also famous for the key hole rock located in one of the big mountain formations along the shore line that is very unique and surreal to see. If we had more time on our California Coast Road Trip we would have gone back a few more times before hitting the road to our next destination, but I do hope to visit it again one day. To see more of my adventures be sure to check out my Instagrams and Facebook!