2017 South West Road Trip: Day 4

Day 4 of our road trip was spent exploring probably one of my favorite places on earth, Bryce Canyon. While it also is like Zion and isn't very dog friendly there was still a handful of trails we could hike and we had great fun! It felt like Lenox was a celebrity while there due to everyone wanting us to stop so they can pet him, we had one lady stop us for about 10 minutes while she pet him, and even got him to lick her twice (If you knew Lenox he not fond of licking strangers), one man also thought he was a protection dog because of how well behaved Lenox was, which I had no issue with! We had 2 people ask if he was a boxer mix or a Doberman mix. All in all it's a marvelous place and I highly recommend going there is you are ever in Utah!

Bryce Canyon National Park Info:                

 -How to get there: The park is extremely easy to get in and out of, as there is only one way in and out. Everything is right next to each other as well and at the entrance you receive a map.

-How much does it cost: To enter the park there is a $30 fee, and this ticket last for the next 7 days. All you have to do is show the ranger when re-entering the park and the entrance fee is waived. If you are entering on foot the fee is $15 and you have access to the park’s shuttle. If you are entering on a motorcycle the fee is $25. The park is also open 24 hours a day and it is suggested to visit at sunrise and sunset as it is less crowded and the canyon is even more captivating at these times. If you would like to camp you do have to reserve your spot. The fee is $30 for RVs and $20 for tents plus the park entrance fee. They have 2 campgrounds to choose from, North and Sunset, although Sunset Campground is closed mid-October through Mid-April.

-What to bring: If you are planning to visit the view point trails that the park has to offer all you need is some water, a camera, and the park map! The trails are incredibly easy and the views are breathtaking. If you plan on hiking the full rim trail which is 11 miles with occasional incline be sure to bring extra water, snacks, camera, and wear good hiking shoes. The Park also has more advanced ad challenging trails available as well.

-What to look out for: Parking! Bryce Canyon is very popular but very small. Each view point has it’s own designated parking lots but they don’t have much space, so arriving early is necessary. If you want to drive from point to point I would recommend visiting the ones that are separate from the others (Bryce Point) and then parking at the main parking lot (where the visitor centers are located near the park entrance) where you can then walk along the other 3 viewpoints without having to drive again. Pets! Bryce Canyon unfortunately is not very pet friendly. Dogs much remain on paved roads and walk ways at all times and cannot hike on any of the dirt trails. Unless you are there to observe and take in the scenery and don’t wish to hike then having your pet is fine, but if you want to hike in the canyon you are unable to take your furry companions with you.

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Trail Information: 

Sunrise Point to Sunset Point

         Distance: 1.3 miles (round trip)

         Trail Type: Out and Back both ways

         Elevation: 92 Feet

         Difficulty: Easy

         Dog Friendly: Yes, Dogs must stay on leash and on paved roads and walkways.

         Trail Description: Sunset and sunrise points offer some breathtaking views of Bryce Canyon. There are 2 pathways (dirt or paved) to hike on and you can take these trails back and forth to Sunrise and Sunset Points as they all connect to one another. Both sunrise and sunset point are located along 2 visitor center areas so bathrooms, food, souvenirs, and trash cans are easily accessible. Be on the lookout for horses on the dirt path, as they are also allowed to use this trail.