2017 South West Road Trip Day 6 & Part of 7


Day 6 of our road trip was "part one" of our time at Lake Powell. We camped at Lone Rock Beach which I was extremely nervous about due to the fact that you have to drive on very soft sand (which I had never done before). We showed up and made it to where we decided to set up camp without getting stuck thankfully. After taking in the view and set our stuff up we took the Kayak out for the first time and loved it!! The first day we were there at least 10 people got their cars stuck in the sand. It was very entertaining to watch these guys try to show off and attempt to unbury their cars but the dummies kept flooring it, which makes things worse. Thankfully there was some nice people a few campsites away from us that helped anyone who wanted it. We had a random gust of wind while we were there, but besides that the weather was close to perfect for our first day there. The next day we were up by 5:30! The water looked like glass and the sun was nice and warm. We packed up camp and pumped up the kayak for one last paddle. After 2 hours on the lake exploring caves we finished up packing and hit the road to our last stop of the trip, Horseshoe Bend. 

Lone Rock Beach Info:                

 -How to get there: The entrance to Lone Rock beach is off of Highway 89 on the border of Arizona and Utah. Be on the lookout for the road you turn on. There is no specific street or sign. If you are coming from Utah it will be on the left hand side and if you are coming from Arizona it is on your right. 

-How much does it cost: Do not believe websites. Most state that it is only $10 for an entry fee and that is incorrect. Their prices have gone up. It is $25 to enter and that only lasts for one day. If you wish to camp it is an additional $15 per night. 

-What to bring: For day trips treat it like you would if you were going to the beach. If you plan on camping be sure to prepare for any kind of weather. If you can sleep on cots or an air matress, sand gets everywhere and isn't very comfortable to sleep on. There are also no showers or fire pits, but there are out houses placed throughout the beach. Paddle boards and kayaks!! 

-What to look out for: Getting stuck!! There is a paved road up to a point. From there you drive on sand and loose dirt paths. I would not recommend a small compact car driving here. We saw many car getting stuck, make sure you know how to drive in sand. Space is another issue. This is a very popular area and during summer months fills up fast. If you camp once the rush hours pass it is quite peacefull but I would recommend getting there early and or visiting during the off season. 

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