Photographing the Elements: Snow

I often get asked via Instagram how to photograph in different environments or weather conditions, so I thought I would write a few blogs of the different things I have experienced when photographing different landscapes, people, or pets in various weather conditions and environments. Since it recently snowed in Southern California, I thought I would start there. One thing I do get asked often when posting a snow photo is, "Doesn't the cold damage or affect your gear." My answer is no. At least it hasn't for me, whether I am shooting on film or digital the weather has never been so cold to the point that my gear doesn't function. I did slip and "face plant" with my camera in hand into some powder snow once, thankfully nothing was damaged and the snow began to melt on my camera so I just wiped it off and continued shooting. Something else I have gotten asked is how the light reflecting off the snow affects my images. It can be challenging and create unwanted glares, highlights, or pops of light that I don't want, but other times that pop of light coming off the snow is just what I need. A good portion of the time it depends on what I am shooting too. If I shoot landscape in the snow, most of the time I don't want that extra pop of light coming off the snow, but if I am shooting people or someone's pet sometimes that reflective light can look nice on the subject. If the lighting is too harsh I will usually make corrections in camera with my aperture or I just won't take the shot. Thanks to film photography I have learned that it's okay to accept the fact there are times where you just won't get the shot, nor do you need to. With any shoot as well I consider the time of day I go and shoot, this can affect how the light will be in any environment. Below are some of my favorite images that I have gotten while shooting in the snow. Next topic will be how to shoot in the desert and answering any of those questions you may have! Send me an email at or comment a question!