Nepal Trek Day 3, 4, & 5

Day 3 and 4 of the Nepal trek consisted of finally getting somewhat accustomed to all of the crazy driving and atmosphere that goes on in Kathmandu. On our 3rd day we continued to explore the city, walked to a local school, spent the day trying food, visiting shops, and getting any final trekking permits and gear before heading out to begin our hiking part of the trek. Day 4 was our last “chill” day before heading to Lingam where we would begin the rougher part of the trek. We decided to head to what was deemed the monkey temple by locals and tourists because of all the wild monkeys that made this temple their home. This was quite the experience to see these animals up close, but you better watch out because they loved to take whatever was in your hand for themselves, which was comical to watch as long as you were’t their next victim. To get to the top main part of the temple we had to climb up hundreds of steep stairs that seemed to go on forever. At the top you are rewarded with an overview of Kathmandu and can see and interact with the temple, it’s idols, and the prayer wheels and bells. This was an interesting experience once we reached the top. It was unique to see the different religious practices, all the tourists, and the casual interactions between the humans, monkeys and the stray dogs that lingered around the temples. Day 5 was a travel day. We got up, left Kathmandu, and took an incredibly small plane to Lingam. On this flight we got a spectacular view of Mount Everest which was such a surreal sight to see. From there we took a quick car ride to a village where we visited an orphanage that The Grove Community Church supports. It was such a joy seeing all the children and getting to hear a bit about their stories and see the hope and joy that have.