Nepal Trek Day 6

Day 6 was the first day where we began our “off the grid” part of the trek. The first half of the day was spent pilled up in a jeep for almost 9 hours straight and while that sounds okay for the most part, this wasn’t your average, casual jeep ride. If you have ever been on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland or have gone off roading you might, and I stress might, have an understanding of how this jeep ride went. Imagine either of those things and then times the bumps and constantly being thrown from your seat by 10, that’s how this jeep ride was. By the time we reached the small village where we would stay for the night our bodies were already sore and bruised and we hadn’t even started hiking the hard stuff yet! While the jeep ride was a bit physically rough that time spent was probably some of my most cherished memories from the trek with some of my fellow teammates. During the jeep ride we made a few rest stops at some small shacks and bought old expired stale chips from china, got chased by some cattle, of course our jeep also broke down delaying our ride an hour, and got to meet some locals along they way at each stop. We did however get to some some of the most beautiful landscape as well. We also had to go through several check points where we had our passports looked through and recorded along with our trekking permits. Once we finally reached the village we settled in for the night and mingled with the locals there. To our surprise however that would end up being quite the night. We arrived during a week of festivals and the entire village had a party, playing incredibly loud music and letting off tons of fireworks until about 1am. Needless to say most of us had a bit of a rough night.