Nepal Trek Day 8

Day 8 was another tough day of hiking but also very rewarding in the end because on day 8 we finally reached Chepwa, which is where we would stay for the next day and minister to the villagers there at the church they had built. We woke up at 4am, packed up, and headed up the mountain in pitch black darkness. At first it was a bit tricky to navigate the ground, even with headlamps, but you got used to it after awhile, and it was nice to hike in the dark. With tired muscles we all slowly made our way to the summit stopping here and there to see if the sun was peaking over the mountains yet or get a few sips of water. We were almost to the top when the sun came out to reveal a stunning morning glow in the valley below us and to show just how far we had come. Once we hit the top we all were so happy to have conquered the hardest part of the trek, but we still had to go down to another valley and then back up a bit to get to Chepwa. For me personally I would hike up another grueling mountain if it meant I could have avoided going down that mountain. I learned quickly that when your legs are very weak it is worse to go down a steep mountain than it is going up one. All of our legs shook uncontrollably from exhaustion as we tried to navigate down the steep, slick rocks and boulders. The journey down took about 3 maybe 4 hours, and in the process both Carlos (a team member) and I fell. Yes I fell…..again. This time I just tripped over my own feet going down a steep section and landed hard on both knees. But that’s ok, I have great scares and had lots of bruises to show and felt very much like Indiana Jones by that point, which I had also been called Lara Croft on this trek as well. We finally reached the bottom of the next valley, crossed a bridge, and headed back up toward Chepwa. Along that part of the hike we got to see several different villages and tons of rice paddies in mid harvest. We reached the village and were greeted with a lovely hot meal and lots of coca cola. Yes, they drink tons of coke in the remote areas of the himalayas. I had some toy horses that I passed out to the kids and played with them for a bit. It was so sweet to see the joy on their face when they received a new toy. Later after dinner we all gathered for a beautiful time of worship and 2 members of our team got up and shared their testimony. On this day I was also given the nickname Honey. Our guide/ team mate who lives in Nepal and helped make this trip possible called me Honey the rest of the trip….. and now so did these villagers. He introduced me as Honey so they all assumed that was my name! It was a fun way to end the day. It also began raining that night which just added to the experience.