Nepal Trek Day 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14

The last 5 days of the trek all blurred in to what felt long one incredibly long day. Day 10 we began hiking back to Ghola where the jeeps had dropped us off days before and now where they would pick us up and get us one step closer to heading back to the U.S. We hiked a total of 10 miles/9 hours through some pretty rough, slick jungle and mountain ranges. By the end of the night when we reached the village we would stay the night in the small village and we were all exhausted, had blisters on our feet, and wanted nothing more than a warm blanket and some sleep. We all pilled into the main room that had a small television and were ecstatic that it was not only was in english but we got to watch Captain America in the middle of the himalayas after a long day. It was a nice little brain relaxer. Day 11 we finished hiking and finally reached Ghola where we would stay for the night and leave the following day in the jeeps. Once we reached here I took a nice long nap (I had gotten a cold on the way down the mountain), ate some really good expired cake (yeah I lived and didn’t get sick from it either!), and then we all had yummy bowl of soup and spent the rest of the night having fun playing cards. Day 12 was pretty simple. The jeep arrived in the morning and we made our decent down the mountains towards Kanburi. Day 13 and 14 went by the quickest out of the entire trip because it was mostly all just traveling by car or plane from one place to the next. On day 13 we took a pane back to Kathmandu. We all got to our hotel, took a minute to rest, and then spent the rest of the our last evening in Nepal with one another eating great food and having loads of fun souvenir shopping. Day 14 we flew from Kathmandu to China and then China back to the U.S. This trip was such an incredible, eye opening, moving, challenging trip. I hope to go back again at the end of this year. God did some absolutely incredible things both with the people on our team and everyone we came into contact with. I can only imagine the greatness he has in store!