Spring in Full Force

March was definitely the month of spring. All of my hikes consisted of an abundance of wildflowers and rolling green hills. It was also time for my allergies to go nuts too. Unfortunately I am very allergic to pollen so while I loved hiking amongst the flowers I was also sneezing non-stop to the point of my abs getting sore. Despite my nose telling me to stop hiking on trails with a super bloom of Blue Bells, California Poppies, Bush Sunflowers, Common Fiddleneck (those ones sting apparently!), and Chia (Stunning flowers but those also have thorns), and many others I couldn’t help myself.

I have a few favorite memories I would like to share from these spring adventures, one of them being from a hike I did with Rylee in Norco. I was originally supposed to hike down in San Diego but had to change plans last minute. I had already gotten up before sunrise and didn’t want to waste a morning of waking up early so we stayed local and hiked a favorite spot in Norco as the sun rose up behind the hills. We reached the an open spot at the top of a hill and just sat there for awhile watching the warm sun shine through the flowers. It’s one of my favorite, peace filled moments.

I have also been house/dog sitting for the last 5 weeks and usually I like to take whoever’s dog I am watching on hikes with me. I am currently watching Mia, a 6 year old German Shepherd/Border Collie mix with a lot of energy and anxiety. To help improve her self confidence I have been taking her on adventures, one of which was on a beautiful flower expedition. Of course I decided not to take my camera because I wanted to focus on Mia (it was my first time hiking with her) but I still had my phone to capture all the beauty of this hidden trail we stumbled upon.

These wildflowers were so pretty and it was such a beautiful day, I wanted to come back with my dog Rylee, and I did! Unfortunately my allergies didn’t quite cooperate the second time I went and ended up have a very severe allergy attack, cutting our hike short, but this time I had my camera and was able to snag a few shots before we had to turn back.