Massey Wedding

Being a wedding photographer has its many challenges, but it also has its many rewards and blessings. It’s always a unique experience with each couple. Not one love story is the same, but one thing I have observed in the weddings I have had the honor of capturing is seeing how God has taught each couple what it is like to know and experience His love for us through the love they have for one another. That love was incredibly apparent with Josh and Kimi.

Not only do Kimi and Josh have a stunning love for each other but they have been blessed with a community that loves, encourages, and supports them as well. It was so refreshing to hear the care in the words of those who loved them when talking about and celebrating their special day. That is another huge aspect of how a true Godly love can prosper. Through encouragement, wisdom, and support from those you love, and it was very evident in how much that love from their friends and family has helped their love for one another flourish and stay honorable to God.

Kimi and Josh have also been blessed with some incredibly adorable nieces and nephews and they were such troopers and models for all the photos!!

Kimi was also a complete natural in front of the camera and absolutely rocked it during her bridal portraits. Definitely some of my favorite shots of a bride that I have taken.

One of my favorite moments in the day when shooting a wedding is doing some of the bridal party individual shots. You get to see the true relationship between the bride/groom and those they picked specifically to be an active part of their day. I especially love when siblings are involved because it allows for some fun, raw, silly moments like these!

It was a special day that I am very humbled to have been able to capture and wish Josh and Kimi all the best, and a long, happy, Godly marriage!

It was beautiful to hear how they met through working at the same store and their love continued to grow through acts of service, guidance, and a decision to commit to one another through the highs of life and the trials they will face throughout the growth and progression of their relationship. They put God first above all else, even if it meant that they might not end up with one another if that was God’s will for them. When hearing their vows, and that being something Kimi had said, it really touched my heart and hit home for me in how we are called to love. To put the other person, what is best for them, and to have complete unconditional love and surrender to God’s will and the love He will put in our lives even if it means removing us from the one we love. THAT is love. To sacrifice your own desires and trust that God’s love will surpass all your flaws and weaknesses and make you stronger. Thankfully God is a good God and it was in His will for Kimi and Josh’s love story to continue on.

They had a beautiful ceremony that had many laughs and lots of love! One thing I especially appreciated was a moment when their officiant had them look out into the crowd and soak in the moment. If you have been to or are involved in the wedding business you know how fast pace and quickly the day can go, so it was nice to have a moment that was almost still in time to capture and realize the essence of what was going to happen.

Of course probably my favorite part of the wedding aside from hearing Josh and Kimi read their vows to one another is the photos we take after the ceremony. I love being able to have the couple for an hour alone just after they professed their love to everyone and made the commitment to each other and then get to capture that.