2019 Summer of Film

This summer has truly been one of my favorite summers. Not just because it has been filled with wonderful shoots and weddings but because of who I have had the joy of spending my summer with and the memories I have made. I got some Ektochrome E100 film for my birthday back in May and over the last few months I have documented some of my favorite memories from this summer. I am bummed that summer is coming to an end and I will miss the warm sun but that just leaves the door open for more adventures to begin. There was a lot that happened over this summer so here is just from June-August captured on this one roll, starting with a quick trip to Huntington Beach with my boyfriend who also is turning into quite the film photographer as he took one of the portraits of me in the photos below!

The next part of this summer adventure was getting to go deep sea fishing for the first time with Caleb and his dad. I had so much fun on this trip from learning how to catch and bait my hook, to casting a line. I ended up catching 6 fish too which was pretty cool, got covered in scales, and saw a beautiful view of sail boats out at sea. I'm also incredibly grateful for Caleb and the heart he possesses. I was able to capture some shots of him in his natural dorky state but also a calm shot of him that is now my favorite photograph I have taken of him to date. I was also able to sneak in a candid shot of his dad which I was told is a rare thing to capture!

Fast forward to the end of July and we celebrate Caleb’s 21st birthday!! Along with having a fantastic time with his family getting dinner on his birthday I wanted to take him out to Ruby’s Dinner and treat him to a date! We ended up waiting over an hour but it was so worth it because we got to watch this stunning sunset and enjoy some quiet moments together just being still. Another reason why I love this guy is because he is content in the small moments. He doesn’t need anything grand or spectacular, while those are also amazing, he just enjoys life for what it is and is happy with the simple small things just as much as the grand and exciting.

The next part of the summer that I captured which is also the last thing I have capture on this roll of film was a nice trip to San Clemente. As we arrived we saw a huge pod of dolphins and quickly made our way to the end of the pier where we sat for 30 minutes watching them pass by. It’s the closest I have ever been able to get to wild bottlenose dolphins and the first time I was able to successfully photograph them on film.

I had one or two more frames left so I decided to photograph my dog Rylee to finish out the roll. I have a beautiful canvas world map on my wall in my room that she likes to lay by so I thought it would be cool to capture her in front of it. Unfortunately I didn’t expose the frame correctly and it was too dark in the original color format so I converted it to black and white. This summer has truly been on for the books and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds!!