Nepal Trek Day 9

Day 9 of the trek began to feel more like the middle part of it all even though we were already past the halfway point. By now you almost felt apart of Nepal, like you could live there and be okay. At least that’s how I felt. On day 9 we woke up to rain and a beautiful view of mist covered mountains, followed by some welcomed hot sweet coffee and biscuits. The cool thing that morning was I got to watch how they make the coffee. It was very cold in the morning and the only warm place was the fire pit where they cooked all the food, coffee, and tea. The fire pits there are small huts with a little hole cut in the roof to let the smoke escape, or most of the time they would just leave the door open and have the smoke escape that way, and the fire pit part is usually in a corner with little buckets or wood blocks for people to sit on as they cook. The coffee was put in this huge black cast iron pot and cooked until piping hot and scooped up with a ladle that looked to be 200 years old, and it probably was. Day 9 was a very important day, it was the purpose we were there in the first place. We were there to share our testimony of how God has impacted our lives and help those grow stronger and be encouraged in their relationship with Christ. It was so nice to have deep incredible conversations about God with them and coming from an American perspective and having a language barrier I never really imagined that they could see God the way I do but talking with some of them it was as though I was talking to a fellow Christian back in America. It was incredible to realize that someone across the other side of the world, in some of the most remote parts of the Himalayas has the same thoughts, questions, and beliefs that I do about God. After we all gave our testimonies we then made our way to the next town over where we would stay for the night. I was a short hour hike up in mud, but it was such a pretty view you didn’t mind the cold, sloppy conditions.